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We're all angling for our fifteen minutes of fame. Some people swallow an obscene number of hot dogs in three minutes, while others cross Niagara Falls on a scary-skinny tightrope. We recommend not doing either of those things. 

There are also famous folks, usually from the too-much-money-too-much-time sector of society, who seem like they'll do anything for publicity. But you're probably looking for a type of fame that's a bit subtler than that.

Maybe you'll score some kind of Discovery Channel fame, but it'll take a specific sort of character to pull that off. 

You know the kind: you lived at a remote dig site for years, only coming out every few months to stock up on Doritos and Mountain Dew. You ran off packs of wild dogs, endured boiling heat and freezing cold, and were even forced to work without your music when your player's solar charger gave up. You toiled in anonymity for years until Hollywood found out how special you were. 

Now you've got a whole film crew watching you eat, sleep, and dig. Pretty soon your wildest dino-related rants will be all over the internet.

Congrats—that's pretty unlikely to actually happen.