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Have you ever heard of the Holy Grail? No, not the vintage Monty Python movie, although that cult classic is perfect for a Friday night DVD party. We seem to remember that Indiana Jones was also hunting for the Holy Grail in his Last Crusade film. Package both movies together and enjoy the ride.

Here, however, we're talking about a paleontological project that has consumed your life, perhaps for many years. You've dug, chipped, and sifted through fragments until you were full of gritty brown dirt in unmentionable places. You've analyzed sediment and rock samples till your eyes are bugging out of your head, and spent countless hours trying to pin down an elusive fossilized creature who clearly didn't want to be found. You've also been the brunt of ridicule from a bunch of your colleagues. Then, just when you least expected it, and in a place you'd never expect to find him, there he was, and in near-perfect condition. Revenge is sweet.