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Physical Danger

Oh, come on now. Did you really think a triceratops would lumber out from that rock formation and snatch you up for its lunch? Or maybe you feared a velociraptor would use your face to sharpen its talons? You probably should knock off those Jurassic Park movies for a while.

In reality, the dinosaurs are probably not out to get you. In fact, they're still extinct, at least as far as we know. Given all that, how dangerous is this paleontologist gig? Well, assuming you're digging in the hot sun for hours on end, you'll probably develop an impressive second-degree sunburn, not to mention a nice case of dehydration.

On the other hand, you might find yourself chipping away at slime-covered rocks in some dark, dank cave with bat guano (and the bats, too) dropping from the ceiling at random intervals. You've barely got room to turn around, much less hightail it out of there. Oh, and is that a snake over there? What kind? Did we mention this whole exercise has given you a nice case of claustrophobia?

Let's say the creepy-crawlies don't send you over the edge. You can still end up in the hospital with a black eye and a concussion, as three other paleontologists elbowed you in the face as they raced you to that next cache of petrified poop. And you thought this job would be boring.