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Bell Curve


Glorified Pooper-Scooper. Salary: $15,000 or less 

Your pet sitting business basically exists in name only. You only have one or two weekly appointments, and you must work three part-time jobs to keep gas in the car. If only time spent with fluffy kittens could pay the bills.


Definitely Not a Shoe Shiner. Salary: $39,400 

Your small regular clientele (and their pets) simply love you. You're not raking in the dough, but you have enough business to quit two of your part-time jobs. You'll never shine another shoe again.


Pet Sitter. Salary: $48,635 

Your business runs like a well-oiled machine. You negotiate at least ten new contracts weekly, and your two assistants handle the daily doo-doo duties. You've purchased a nicer home and are completing a degree in animal behaviorism.


Pet Sitting Entrepreneur. Salary: $58,400 

You receive pet sitting referral work from five vet practices. This means you must hire more assistants. Your animal behavior consulting business has grown exponentially after your interview on a nationally syndicated pet talk show, What are We Barking About?


International Emperor of Pets. Salary: $99,000 

You're making so much money it makes your head spin. You've franchised your pet sitting concept and are now the head of several different locations. Running a business is hard work, but no more poop duty ever. Life's good.