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Power isn't normally a concept one associates with pet sitters. After all, power-hungry people tend to own huge national corporations...or they go into politics. But sitters do have a peculiar sense of omnipotence over their clients' pets. They feed them, serve as their bathroom butler, and provide them with much-deserved attention and affection. So, that's about the same level as running for a seat in the House. Right? Sure.

In another sense, however, they have no power at all. Their pet sitting schedule is driven by their clients' needs. 

If Fluffy must go out three times every day, then by golly, they arrange their schedule so he can uncross his legs regularly. If a client wants mail and plant care services, they book a few extra minutes for those tasks. Whatever the clients need, they get—and with a smile. At the very least, a sitter has the power to choose that cheery attitude.