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Hard work can lead to fame and fortune in the competitive universe of the pharma rep. Say you're working for a Big Pharma outfit that has a huge roster of drugs. You've clocked hundreds of miles, and you've hit the bull's-eye with every drug you've pushed. Doctors are writing prescriptions for your drugs. Your pharma rep competitors are whispering about the big kahuna—you—who never takes "no" for an answer. Trophies, framed award certificates are crowding you out of your home. You've lost track of how many gold watches the company has given you. Hey, you've even been written up in the Big Pharma company magazine. The trade association names you pharma rep of the year.

It's getting hard to stay humble.

That's what pharma rep fame can look like. You have the respect and envy of colleagues and competitors alike. You're raking in the bucks. You are that big kahuna in that crazy, stressed-out world of the pharma rep. Somehow, this makes it all worth it.