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Sure, you put in long days and cover a lot of miles as a pharma rep, but gosh…a heck of a lot of your clients appreciate you.

Yes, really.

When they're not too busy to listen to your pitch on the latest drug that cures a host of ailments and then some, the doctors appreciate that you know your stuff on the drug front. More often than not, you hear "thanks"—that your drug helped a lot of patients, that the doctors didn't have to spend extra time getting up to speed on the latest drug because you, the pharma rep, knows the deal. Lots of people appreciate what you do and the skills it takes to market pharmaceutical drugs. And best of all, you are getting new and beneficial drugs into the hands of the people who need them the most. As a pharma rep, you are helping people live longer and healthier lives. Face it—you've earned the right to pat yourself on the back.

How's that for glory?