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Bell Curve


You're the new kid on the Big Pharma block. You don't regret bailing on your it's-going-nowhere job as a time share sales associate, but you got to admit you're getting tired of processing clinical study samples.


You're ecstatic about your promotion. Those three years of night classes paid off—even if you did have to repeat organic chemistry. You're in charge of a clinical trial of 20 subjects. Too bad half of them were kicked out.


Your pet project is a rip-roaring success. The clinical trial led to a new drug that cures one more nasty disease. Too bad the process from start to finish took ten years. Hey, you don't have too many gray hairs.


You're such a big cheese that the Big Pharma powers-that-be plucked you from lab life and put you in an office right next to the CEO. Your day may be full of meetings but your income has tripled from what it was in your days as a lab rat.


You've finally unpacked all your boxes. The move to your new office didn't take long. After all, the CEO office—now yours—is next door to your old one.