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Photographer, Still Frame

Odds of Hanging On

This wrinkle will depend on how good you are with the technical aspects of both camera and studio work, and will require a little bit of luck, too. Times may get rough now and then, financially speaking, and you'll have to be able to weather the storm. 

If you still love it after realizing you're never going to be able to afford that yacht you always wanted, or that you're not always going to be photographing models, celebrities, and other beautiful people of the world, you just might be able to make this your lifelong pursuit.

If the job doesn't sound that great once you factor in the above, there are plenty of other careers out there. Maybe get that orthodontia degree and snap pictures as a hobby. That way you'll be able to buy the fancy new camera and you won't have to weigh the purchase against the possibility of not eating for a month.