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Average Salary: $116,440

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $4,861,000

Like many medical specialists, podiatrists can earn a pretty decent living. Let's just say they can afford some seriously comfortable shoes, and should be able to sock away quite a nest egg. You will definitely be able to foot the bill when taking guests out for dinner.

The national earnings average is between $220k-$240k annually; definitely a tidy sum, and actually more than the average for private practice medical professionals. The average starting salary is closer to $150k a year, and to reach the big numbers you will have to manage and promote your practice just like any other private small business. Top earning docs can pull in over 350,000 Franklins. Salaries for joining an existing medical group tend to start lower, but top out at the same quarter mil mark.

If you are thinking that a chunk of change like that would look pretty nice in your bank account, remember that you will most likely have a substantial debt from the years of college and medical school, and that—if all goes well—you will not be starting your practice until you are close to 30 years old (which is ancient).