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Police Officer

Odds of Hanging On

Ready for another complicated answer? Good. Here it comes. You might conclude that a police officer career pretty much assures you steady employment in one place or another. You're probably right. Remember, however, that a law enforcement career is not a 9-to-5 proposition. Criminals don't wreak their havoc only during daylight hours, and traffic accidents don't limit themselves to sunny 75-degree days. Depending on your department's needs, and your seniority level, you may be working rotating shifts or another schedule that completely circumvents your body's Circadian rhythms. Yes, that includes nights, weekends, and holidays (when celebrations and family conflicts tend not to mix too well).

Let's say, though, that you find a way to make the crazy schedules work. If you don't take care of your physical health, you won't be fit to serve anybody. Seriously now, if you spend your off hours plastered in front of the TV with chips, dip, and beer, you'll eventually get too fat to chase the criminals down the street. That won't end well for anybody. Go find a game of pick-up basketball, or throw your mountain bike in the truck and find a trail that challenges you.