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Bell Curve


Creeper with a Camera. Salary: $25,000 

You're tailing a known mob boss to collect information about his professional background. Why did this guy apply to Subway? Why did they want you to confirm his work experience? There are lots of questions racing through your head—so many that you don't notice he's now tailing you.


Flatfoot. Salary: $35,000 

You've been caught trying to collect evidence for an infidelity case. You decide that the best course of action is to talk it out with the cheater. However, since the cheater is six-foot-five and 280 pounds, your second course of action is to run as fast and as far as humanly possible.


Investigator Hollywood. Salary: $45,000 

You become a famous celebrity private detective. Having an extensive elite clientele means you're the person Paris Hilton calls when she's lost her dog (again). The downside is that you have to deal with Los Angeles traffic. And if you aren't getting anywhere, neither is Fifi.


Private Ay-ay-ay. Salary: $55,000 

The victims of a massive financial scheme have hired you. The evidence that you dig up helps them win their money back in court. You've saved hundreds of people from a terrible financial crisis. They return the favor by sharing your business card with other high-powered people. It pays to be appreciated.


Sam Spade v.2.0. Salary: $65,000 

You've found a missing child. The look on the parents' faces is something you'll never forget. The cheers from the police officers and local community will be something you'll treasure forever. The amount of paperwork you have to process will haunt your dreams for years to come.