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You can experience the glory of reuniting people. People are separated from their family members and loved ones everyday. Oftentimes, private investigators are hired to find the birth parents of an adopted child. They also help parents find lost children. How do private detectives find missing people? First, they try to get as much information about the person as possible such as their name, old address, living family members, and education background. Private detectives use web searches or search engines like Zabasearch to get more information or find the person. If the person lived before the Internet revolution, a private detective may have to go to the library to look through old Yellow Pages. Public and federal records can also be sources of valuable information as long as the person has the legal name of the lost individual.

Sadly, you won’t run out of missing person cases anytime soon. Around 800,000 children go missing each year. Because police departments become overwhelmed with cases, private detectives are often hired to find missing children. Typically, these cases are messy because the perpetrator is a family member who has taken a child during a custody battle. For that reason, some private detectives carry guns. It can be a dangerous job dealing with desperate parents. However, reuniting children with their parents is a glorious experience.