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Bell Curve


You sacrifice your last year of a good university to turn pro and do so, only to wash completely out of golf with no real career alternatives. Luckily you have a good driving record and UPS is hiring


You didn't leave a real career on the table—you just weren't that sharp to begin with—you blame genes. You're reasonably happy working at the driving range and love wheeling around the little Zamboni golf ball gatherer at night. You're 40 and have no curfew.


You're a club pro. You have nice stick and like the clients at the club whose junior golf program you now manage. You get to play as much golf as you want and, every now and then, dream of a stint on the Senior Tour.


You're a journeyman golf pro; you’ve made it nine seasons on the tour and one year finished in the top 20. You'll have a nice home in the 'burbs and teach lessons for $250 an hour to a select few clients every now and then. Maybe some day you'll write a book. Maybe somebody will buy it.


You won a Major. You'll never forget that weekend. It was like everything was in slow mo. It earned you millions from ad sponsors. A TV announcing gig. And exemptions to tons of tourneys so you could win more golfbux and enjoy life. You no longer regret not going to Wall Street. You're still not Tiger, but who is?