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Ask your average man on the street to name as many famous golfers as he can, and he will probably be able to name roughly...oh...one. If you've tuned in to Sportscenter and caught the sportscasters discussing golf at any point, you may have noticed that Tiger has about 95% of the coverage dedicated to him. Even in the wake of his dishonorable decline.

There are a slew of second-tier golfers who may be recognizable to some and known by most casual golfers, but you shouldn't be getting into this for the fame. Is it possible you may take the world by storm and become the next Tiger Woods? No. It's about as likely as hitting a hole-in-one...on a par 5. Which is to say, it's virtually impossible. You are not Tiger, and you are never going to be Tiger. The best you can hope for would be to experience even the smallest fraction of success Tiger has had. You may bump into him in the clubhouse, but you're never going to be in his club.