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You're tied with one other golfer at the top of the leaderboard. It's the eighteenth hole and getting dark out. The crowd is so big and so quiet you can hear a guy with bad asthma breathing. The only other audible noise aside from the nasal gentleman is the hum of the generator running the TV cameras.

If you guys even breathe I'm going to be so mad. (Source)

You have to hit a snaking twenty-foot putt to win.

It's the moment that millions of kid golfers have in their brains as they practice on the living room carpet. The putt is a hard one, a slider—can't be too aggressive, but you gotta sink it or it's game over. Choirs of children are setting up to sing your praises (or laugh at your struggles).

You get the idea.

Lining up and making sure everything is just right, you finally hit it. It takes its time winding around the green toward the little cup—until clink. It's in, and you win.

The crowd goes wild.

Yeah, that's all the glory in the entire world of golf. No pressure.