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Physical Danger

It's a lot more likely than you'd think. (Source)

Insert typical joke here about getting beaned by a ball, or having an angry fellow competitor throw his putter, which beelines for your forehead as if it's had a homing device installed inside of it. Those risks exist, but c'mon—you're more likely to be eaten by a shark in Vegas.

The real danger here is a twisted ankle, a wrenched neck, an aching back. It's hard enough to beat the best players in the world when you're in perfect shape—try doing it with a pulled groin muscle. (In fact, try doing anything with a pulled groin muscle—not gonna happen.)

Sure, you're not a football or hockey player, and no one is tossing balls toward you at a hundred miles an hour, but if you're not loose and limber, you might end up doing just as much damage to your body.