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Magnificent. Spectacular. Imagine what it was to be Tiger when Tiger was Tiger. It's March of 2000. He’d just won the US Open at Pebble Beach by a mile, laughing at the field. He was dating the hottest looking model on the planet and it's likely there wasn’t a single person on earth who hadn't heard of him. Pick the most remote village in Mongolia, the most isolated islands around Madagascar, somewhere in the snows in north Alaska, and still everyone knew who he was. And it's likely that, on a whim, he could have phoned the president of any country on earth and just said, "Hey, it's Tiger (wouldn't have even needed the last name). I'm in your country and I'd like to come over for din-din with your wife and kids. Can you throw a dead chicken on the barbie?" And not a single leader in the free world (nor the unfree world) would have said, "No." That was power. Truly, uniquely, spectacularly, wonderful, gorgeous power.

But that has nothing to do with what you are 99.9999999% likely to have. You're going to be a top 20 pro golfer—maybe you have Davis Love's career. Nobody 15 feet out of the golf world would even know what you look like. So forget about power unless you define it as being able to get a decent tee time anywhere on a Sunday morning.