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Imagine what it was like to be Tiger Woods when Tiger was Tiger.

In March of 2000, he'd just won the US Open at Pebble Beach by a mile against an impressive field. He was dating one of the top fashion models on the planet, and it's likely there wasn't a single person on earth who hadn't heard of him.

Welcome to my kingdom. (Source)

And it's likely that, on a whim, he could have phoned the president and said, "Hey, it's Tiger. I'm in town and I'd like to come over for din-din with you and the fam. Would you mind having a couple vegan dishes ready when we get there?"

Just because.

And he would have said, "Sure thing Tiger, we'll see you in ten." That's power. Truly, uniquely, spectacularly, wonderfully gorgeous power—all for being really great at slapping a ball at a little cup.

So you're totally going to be this kind of world-class athlete, right? The likelihood of that happening is probably equal to the likelihood of you, right now, actually being named Tiger. Probably you'll just be really good at hitting a ball and hope to win a trophy or two.

Forget about power—unless you define it as being able to get a decent tee time anywhere on a Sunday morning. That's the only power you should really be concerned with.