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Your only real qualification is the ability to put the little ball into the little hole. Accomplish that feat in fewer strokes than anyone else, and it doesn't matter how much school you've had or how much you comprehend about the real world, you will be able to make it as a golfer.

The only problem is that it's sorta hard to be better at this sport than anyone else. That description belongs only to Tiger, and you're not Tiger. If you win only occasionally, you could be in the top 200 or so golfers in the world and still have money trouble. The smart thing to do is to go to college, become an expert in something other than how to strike a golf ball in order to reduce topspin, and then let the tees fall where they may.

Many golfers enroll in a PGM (Professional Golf Management) program at school. It's a business degree, which therefore prepares you to make a solid living should the golf thing not work out, but at the same time if qualifies you as a PGA professional (assuming you graduate) and can start you off on the right foot if you are talented enough to succeed. Just don't start with your right foot too far forward, or you're going to have a hard time getting rid of that nasty slice.