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Bell Curve


Your patient, who was already emotionally unstable before he first came to see you, has gotten worse since you started treating him, and is now holding everyone in your office hostage at gunpoint. Looks like he really took your "take life into your own hands" remark to heart.


Your patient has fallen off the wagon again, but you are helping her work through her issues. However, she had better show some progress soon, as she is starting to get motion sickness.


You have been made head supervisor at a clinic where you help and instruct interns and colleagues. You haven't been the head anything since you were the head lion in your Kindergarten Circus, so this is special.


You've helped one of your long-term patients finally overcome his problems, and he ends his sessions with you. The best news yet? Now that you no longer have a professional relationship, you can ask him out. He's kind of a catch now that he’s gotten rid of all that baggage.


Your patient starts a non-profit to help others overcome the same situation that she faced. You feel extremely validated with this proof that your work is paying off. You might have your title changed to awesomeologist.