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Repo Man

Bell Curve


You attempt to repossess a car. A giant named George steps out of his house and into your path, and turns your face into lunch meat. You decide on the spot to pick a different career.


You attempt to repossess a car. You’re working with a partner, and you jump in the car to start it. You try to get back out of the car, but the doors won't open. The locks are broken. Your partner has to hook up the car to the tow truck and drag it out of the lot—with you still inside it. You think about choosing a different career.


You arrive at your repossession destination, get screamed at by a woman who tells you she needs her car to get to work the next day. You hook up the car to the tow truck and drive away, but you can't help notice the colorful sign language she's displaying in your rear view mirror.


You have been repossessing cars for a year, and you're making some serious bank. You decide to venture out on your own. You buy a brand-new tow truck, completely fulfilling your childhood dream of playing with a life-size Tonka Truck.


You've been a repo man for a few years. You're clearing around $3,000/week. You decide to start your own company. You purchase a few tow trucks, hire a few young chippies to do the dirty work. You sit in your office and take phone calls while your underlings do the dirty work.

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