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Stress? Check. With this job, you'll get plenty. While there is a good deal of downtime in earning a career as repo man, the few hours where you’re actually in the act of repossessing the car will more than make up for it.

Some stressful situations you might have to deal with: getting beat up or worse; being chased by rabid owners; being attacked by feral dogs; having to drive into scary neighborhoods in the dark of night; having to break into a car if you're not provided with a key or key code; and having to listen to debtors crying and begging not to take their car.

There's also the stress of working odd hours, working by and for yourself, and worrying about the legal and tax issues that come with doing so. And then there's the bullet with your name on it lurking out there, somewhere. Is that health insurance paid up? How ya feelin' about Obamacare? Again, if you like a job with minimal stress and consistent hours, then this is not the job for you.