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Secret Service Agent

Physical Danger

We hear those Treasury check forgers, counterfeiters, credit card scammers, and computer hacking moguls can become a bit testy on occasion. After all, if you're going about your illegal business enterprise, and four guys with drawn guns advance on you very aggressively, how cooperative do you think you'll be? Will you get on your knees, hands behind your head, and wait to be cuffed and searched? Maybe yes, maybe no. Chances are you'll fight back, which puts the Secret Service agents in some degree of physical danger.

Now we come to the question of physical danger on the protective detail. You're sworn to protect the President, Vice President, along with (fill in the blank). That means you put their safety above yours, and protect them with your life if necessary. Hope you understand that before you sign on the dotted line. Hope you also realize you have to protect (fill in the blank) no matter what you think of the guy personally.