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We can't imagine why a Secret Service Agent job would stress you out. After all, you might be playing cat-and-mouse with international financial criminals, trying to stay one step ahead of them in the wire-transfer sweepstakes. You might be trying to bust a credit card ring that's already compromised over a million accounts. You might be looking over your shoulder, hoping none of those mobsters you arrested know where you live. No stress there, right?

Now let's talk about the protective detail. On any given day, you and your team might be running an advance sweep of a large city or small town, a few days before the President is scheduled to speak there. You leave no stone unturned...or so you hope. Sometimes you lie awake, wondering if you found all the potential weak spots, blocked off enough streets, and asked for sufficient local law enforcement personnel to cover all the bases.

If your advance detail makes you a little nervous, how about the stomach-churning anxiety on the day of the event? Of course, you can't allow your feelings to prevent you from doing your job, so you push them aside and perform as you're trained. When you get home that night, however, you might have to go into serious stress relief mode. Whether you meditate, watch mindless TV, play with your cat, or shoot a game of pool...well, that part's up to you.