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Unfortunately, this is a driving force for many aspiring singers, and some musicians. The love of the music should come first—the fame and glory about 14th and 15th, respectively. It’s wonderful if it happens for you, but you are statistically almost guaranteed never to taste it. Don't take this too hard, though. You really didn't have much of a shot with Robin Thicke anyway.

You need to be okay with the idea of acquiring fame on a small level. If you perform at a club and 35 people come out to see you, that's pretty cool. You're not filling up Madison Square Garden, but still—it's 35 people who have sacrificed whatever other plans they might have had to come listen to you perform. You may have to content yourself with such small successes, because it may be all you ever get. If more comes to you, beautiful, but don't count on it. Not everyone is Lady Gaga. Can you imagine what kind of a world we'd live in if everyone was?