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Bell Curve


You have done such a horrible job that sororities everywhere are revolting. The President of the United States has issued a cease and desist on Greek life, and you are huddled in a corner, muttering incoherently, and waiting for the angry mob to find you.


You have spent years in alumni groups and going to countless sorority conventions only to win the position and then lose it to a horrible donkey scandal from the sorority you spent half your life mentoring.


You have successfully traversed the perilous journey of becoming the ultimate sorority girl without any major issues. Some emotional bruises and scratches, but nobody burned down their Universities.


You have implemented a revolutionary image restyling program where your sorority girls are now not only considered beautiful, but are revered as intelligent, and without reproach.


You have completely rocked the Greek system, and no one can touch you. Every one of every race and every gender wants to be in a sorority, and they are constructing a 15-foot golden statue of you on the moon.