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In the Greek community you're one of the most famous people they have. Unfortunately that means absolutely nothing if you're planning on renting a villa and inviting Brad Pitt over for smooth jazz and chicken parmesan. However, if you enjoy being bombarded on University campuses, and your twitter username is @sorority4lyf you will enjoy the fame of being well respected in our own community and having 600 twitter followers.

You will have infinite fame in your Greek circle, and will be revered by a Greek leader who has an actual paid position. The ones who aren’t paid won’t care because they’re too busy trying to "advise" a group of snotty brats who can't keep quiet enough to listen about why their nonexistent skirts are problematic. However, you get enough recognition from all of the conventions you attend. There isn't a national sorority event that doesn't go on without you, and everyone knows that.

Unfortunately you'll never be as famous as some of the colorful alumni who have come out of Greek life. I mean with celebrities such as Julia Louis Dreyfus, Maya Angelou, and cheetah girl Sabrina Bryan you can't possibly win. No one can beat that kind of fame.