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Oodles and oodles of stress.

You may think that this is a seemingly easy job, but you are unquestionably wrong. This job is extremely difficult because you're essentially upholding a certain image for a group of people who don't listen to you, and certainly don't care.

When freshman arrive at college, they're in a daze of freedom and insanity for at least three weeks. The recruitment process for sororities, most of the time, is in thefirst three weeks so there is no time to weed out the "crazy" people from the "actually normal but crazy by circumstance" people. This fact does not help you. Now you have to deal with absolute psychos who are destined to screw up so royally that they can’t help but get their whole chapters in trouble. These actions do not look good on Panhellenic and do not look good on you.

But don't worry you’re here to fix it! Good luck getting that 18-year-old girl to listen to you and respect this institution enough to care about her horrifying actions. Enjoy that!