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Bell Curve


You're a hair stylist, shampoo girl, and facial technician all rolled into one. Your "spa" is a tiny two-room storefront crammed between a neighborhood coffee shop and a Laundromat. While your clients endure their facials in a worn-out salon chair, they're getting gassed by the perm fumes from the cubicle next door.


You just took over an existing spa from your cousin who left to start a family. You're in an upscale office park in a nicer part of town, which helps you draw nearby business owners and professionals. Your compact facility offers separate rooms for facials, massages, and body wraps. Your small shower room doubles as a changing room, but it's tastefully decorated and spotlessly clean.


You operate (and own) the largest, most luxurious spa in your tri-cities market. Your two-story facility's first floor offers facials, massages, and body wraps by top regional professionals. You recently employed a wedding coordinator to manage your increasing bridal party business. Your second floor serves as a nutrition and health education oasis, where visiting experts help your clients adopt healthier living habits.


You're managing a 5-star hotel's resort spa in a super-hot beach destination. While the spa's clients have always praised the facility's service quality, they've repeatedly suggested an updated décor and additional world-class spa services. You listened, you upgraded, and your efforts have clearly paid off. Six months later, you're seeing a 20 percent rise in spa service revenues.


Now you've made the big time. You're the VP of spa services for a multi-national luxury hotel chain. You've hired top interior designers, along with skin care and massage experts, to bring world-class décor and spa services to your celebrity and executive-level clientele. Money is no object when it comes to making your clients happy. You sample your company's spa facilities regularly (on the expense account, of course), to ensure each facility delivers a truly memorable spa experience.