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Do you feed on affirmation, appreciation, and "atta girls?" Or to be politically correct, on "atta boys?" If you answer "yes," a spa manager career could provide you with some ego-stroking bennies. Consider, for example, a stressed-out client who's wound up over too much work or a crumbling relationship. She's a walking bundle of nerves as she stumbles through the spa's front door. After your massage therapist works her magic, the woman spends a few minutes sipping a cup of herbal tea. As she prepares to leave, she's noticeably calmer, and sincerely thanks your staff for helping to turn around her day.

Clients might also express their appreciation by referring their friends or relatives; or perhaps nominating your facility for a "Best Spa" award in a local or regional competition. Also, remember the holiday season spurs some satisfied clients to recognize a favorite massage therapist or esthetician with a personal holiday gift. Other clients may personally deliver a fresh fruit and cheese basket, a tin of gourmet cookies (all low-calorie, of course), or other holiday treats for your spa staff to enjoy. Regardless of how (and when) your clients express their appreciation, it's always a nice, unexpected treat that can really brighten your day.