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Spa Manager

Odds of Getting In

Hypothetically, your odds of landing a spa manager position are good; so good, in fact, you might feel lucky enough to play your state's multi-million-dollar lottery. The spa industry is projected to expand quite a bit in the near future.

After all, many potential clients are living fast-paced, stressful lives that leave them wishing for some relief from the pressure cooker. Spa services such as facials, massages, and body wraps represent ideal refuges from the clients' hectic lives. Someone's got to manage these spa professionals; one of these managers could easily be you.

However, while hypothetical scenarios provide good water cooler discussion topics, they don't always happen exactly as planned. First, keep in mind that spa services depend on clients' discretionary income. In plain language, if a client is struggling to pay her bills, she probably won't be spending money on a massage. In addition, remember that spa managers' prospects may vary throughout the country. Well-established resorts, affluent communities, and larger metro areas may provide the best opportunities. Finding a spa manager job in a smaller town might be a more difficult task. Research your market and regional competition carefully. Actively participate in business and personal networking groups so you can be first to discover an upcoming opportunity.