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Spa Manager


A spa manager career doesn't begin with a prescribed set of qualifications, as compared to the specific degree and experience you'd need for, say, a nursing career. A college degree and on-the-job training can help you qualify for a spa manager position.

First, we'll begin with on-the-job training. Let's assume you work as an esthetician, massage therapist, spa technician, or receptionist at the spa you want to manage. If you've demonstrated excellent customer service, communication, and administrative skills, you may get the chance to train for an upcoming supervisory job. If you perform well in that assignment, you could be in line for the coveted spa manager position.

Next, let's examine a possible educational path to a spa manager career. You might begin with an undergraduate degree in hospitality, hotel management, or business. Consider adding overview courses in massage therapy, esthetics, or aromatherapy. If your ultimate goal is to manage a luxury spa in a world-class resort or hotel, a graduate degree in hotel management or business administration might prepare you well.

Finally, you can earn a Certified Spa Supervisor, or CSS, credential from the International Spa Association. The CSS certification requires current or upcoming spa supervisory experience. However, completing the program would definitely be a feather in your cap should a spa manager position become available. While this education and preparation can position you for a great opportunity, you'll need to show the hiring manager you're the right person for the job.