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Average Salary: $34,000

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $1,419,000

Wouldn't it be great if there was a short, concrete answer to the salary question? That's wishful thinking, as spa manager salaries are dependent on so many variables it can make your head spin. First, there's that minor detail called experience. Did you just get the job yesterday, or have you been knocking it out for 10 years? Do you manage a spa with two part-time workers or oversee a full-time staff of eight, working in a facility with more space than many houses?

Next, we need to factor in your spa's geographic location. If you're working in a small midwestern town with a middle-class income base, you're probably not going to make as much as a spa manager in an upscale New York City suburb. In this case, you might want to weigh the salary difference against the pros and cons of each location.

Finally, we get to the salary figures. Drum roll, please! First, assume you're fresh out of college with little management experience. You'll probably start at just under $30k annually. Now let's assume you've been managing spas for a decade or so. You can easily make over $50k per year, again depending on where you park your Beamer each day. Remember, though, that it's not always about the money.