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It's glorious to finally make the deal you've worked on for so long. It's glorious to know that an athlete who's worked hard since he was a kid to be the best athlete can finally break into a major league team and not have to worry about money for the rest of his life.

His wife thinks you’re glorious. His mother thinks you're glorious.

Now, we hate to do this but there are some agents who take this path to glory at the expense of others: the teams, other teammates, and everyone else employed by the team. If one star hitter, say for the NY Yankees, gets a $375 million contract with lots of clauses stipulating that he still gets his paycheck, even if he's injured, what if he is hurt? All that money has gone to him and he's doing nothing to help the team. Yeah, you got paid and your player got paid, but that team has taken a big hit.

How glorious do you feel now?