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Sports Agent

Odds of Getting In

One thing in your favor is that the career of representing athletes, entertainers, and artists of any kind, is growing every year.

However, being in the right place at the right time is part of breaking into the business. They say the same thing about show business, too—it's kind of sink or swim and it's hard to break into.

Who's going to hire a fresh-faced self-described sports agent who has yet to sign an athlete? Right: probably no one. So what do you do if you really, really, want to do this job?

If you’ve armed yourself with the aforementioned useful skills—business management, strong math and statistics abilities, investment knowledge, communication talents, and legal acumen—now's the time to try an internship. Work for free for a sports agent or even a company of agents whom you trust and who has a proven track record.

Join groups, get yourself invited to parties, and network, network, network. This career really is one of those that starts off as being all about what and who you know.