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Average Salary: $203,300

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $8,487,000

A sports physician gig doesn't come with a linear salary progression. In plain English, that means you don't progress up the career ladder, making a predictable amount of dough as you climb each rung. Yes, your salary is affected by the number of years you've worked in the sports medicine field. However, your pay also depends on who owns the parking lot where you park your Porsche.

In 2011, a sports medicine doc who focused on treating athletes' non-surgical musculoskeletal ailments grossed just north of $240k per year. The bottom 10 percent of sports docs made slightly less than $120k, and the top crew earned a whopping $375k or more annually.

Let's also pull out a few salary figures for orthopedic surgeons, since they also work on sports-related physical problems. However, keep in mind that ortho docs work on lots of other musculoskeletal ailments besides sports injuries. An orthopedic surgeon can pull down an average salary of almost $410k annually. The bottom 10 percent make around $220k, and the top 10 percent rake in more than $700k per year. Wonder what the ortho docs are driving….