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Believe it or not, a surveying career does offer some personal rewards, sometimes in unexpected places. Let's say you finish an extremely difficult job, one with more hazards and snafus than you could cram in the biggest-capacity zip drive you've got. How big would this have to be? You might be surveying the North Pole to see if Santa Claus's massive toy warehouses caused the actual North Pole to list to one side. Santa's strategic planners are thrilled with your survey results, as this data will help them reposition their new toy warehouses accordingly.

Okay, let's come back to Earth for another example. Let's say your surveying results provide the groundwork for a beloved civic leader's favorite project; perhaps a children's dance and theatre academy. Although Mrs. Philanthropist passed away before the impressive building was completed, you know she'd be proud of the finished results. You get the warm fuzzies just knowing you helped her accomplish her longtime goal.