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There's a new television show in town called The Stressed-Out Surveyor Diaries. The show's cast of jean-wearing surveyors and survey techs probably won't win any Emmy awards, but it's entertaining in a peculiar sort of way.

For example, one episode followed a surveyor with a slight case of vertigo, who found his survey results were consistently one degree off. Based on the surveyor's recommendations, his client laid a high-dollar building foundation on top of an untreated toxic waste dump. The surveyor got some high-value stress points for that one.

Surveyor #2 was researching past survey results that were so old they were stored on a microfiche system. The microfiche film was so degraded it was almost unreadable, and the original drawings were so faded they looked like a bad game of connect-the-dots. The surveyor's client wanted a complete survey history by the next day. Lots of stress points here.

Finally, Surveyor #3 was assigned to find a property's previous survey markers in preparation for a real estate sale. After pacing the property line with his trusty GPS, and finding only one fragment of a metal survey marker, he was scratching his head when a local came by. Turns out that some metal recyclers sold the metal markers for scrap a few months back. Now the surveyor was starting to sweat, and he was accumulating enough stress points to beat out the episode's other competitors. And he hadn't even told his client yet...that's got to be worth some bonus points.