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Talent Agent

Physical Danger

A heart attack from the stress is a big danger here. Probably not for the first couple of decades sure, but eventually you're going to want to consider some anger management classes. We're not kidding—this job can cause even the most stable-minded individual to have a breakdown, and that can cause physical distress as much as emotional or mental distress.

You're not going to win that fight. (Source)

Other than that, there's not much job-related danger. You drive to work, you talk to co-workers, you make some phone calls, you drive home. It's basically an office job—albeit one that requires quite a few stress balls and yoga sessions on top. Managing your levels of tension will actually go a long way to helping you stay healthy. Your life will be a lot easier if you don't get so upset at losing a great client that you try to punch a hole in the wall.