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Bell Curve


Are you kidding? You can barely manage yourself. Try moving out of your parent's house first, then we'll talk.


You represent a spattering of actors, but no one with any real credits. And no, background work on I'm In the Band doesn't count.


You've been at this a while and have built up a decent client base. Some are bigger than others, but you're doing enough to make a nice living. At least you don't have to kiss beautiful strangers and perform love scenes all the time like your clients. Blech.


Man, did you luck out. One of your actors has become the hottest thing since sliced bread. (Well, sliced bread that's just come out of the toaster, anyway.) You—and your client—are rolling in it.


You are the most well-known talent manager in Hollywood. You represent a number of A-listers, and every actor who is right on the verge of making it big wishes they had you in their corner. Your top client makes 20 mil per picture. Do you know what 20% of 20 mil is? More than minimum wage, we'll just tell you that.