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Bell Curve


You've sold your client a vacation without travel insurance to Mali instead of Bali. They decide they don't want to lose their money and will go anyway. On the news, you hear about Mali being on the Travel Advisory List. You try to contact them, but they are never heard from again. This disaster makes your boss very bad. Er…very mad.


You sell someone a cruise without mentioning the fuel surcharge associated with the price. They storm out of your office when you show them the bill and you lose the commission. At least it was free to fuel their anger.


You book several people on cruises and vacations without a hitch. To gain more resources, you join a few organizations and network with other travel agents. You even book yourself on a schmooze cruise.


You sell a honeymoon to your customers. They are so pleased that they name their child after you nine months after the trip. Apparently they didn't make it up to the top deck very often.


You have gained experience over the years and are ready to go into business for yourself. You land huge accounts with corporations and hire a team of travel agents. It's the best team you've assembled since you put together the 2001 Philadelphia 76ers starting squad.