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Though you will never have as much power as a judge, there is certainly a lot of power to be had as a trial attorney. Your clients trust you as the best possible person to take the facts of their case and present them to a judge or jury. And they trust that you will receive a good outcome for them. So yeah, they are giving you a lot of power. In civil law cases, there can be A LOT of money at stake. And even when there is not a lot of scrilla at issue, people who are suing are usually highly emotional. And you are the person they trust to make it right. And if you are dealing with a criminal case….yeesh, forget it. If you are a prosecutor, you are typically trying to take away someone's freedom. And if you're a defense attorney, you are typically trying to protect someone's freedom. So yeah, you're definitely like the sixth Power Ranger. Or at least like the fifth Beatle.