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Bell Curve


It's just you and the programmer at a micro-sized video design start-up. You've been working so many 60-80 hour weeks, you see more of the programmer than your significant other.


You've graduated to a mid-sized game developer, although you're a lowly junior designer. Same long work weeks, but they pay you more and you're in line for a promotion.


You moved to California for a shot at the big time. With a few games under your belt, you snagged a Lead Designer gig at a well-known Silicon Valley developer. Long work weeks, but the food is better and you actually have an office.


Your company's latest game got all kinds of industry awards, which reflects very nicely on your talents. Suddenly you find yourself in demand at gamer conventions around the country—all expenses paid, of course.


Still designing video games…from your own Bahamas beach house. You import a few friends now and then, and you guys actually do some design work...before you hit the boat for some SCUBA diving. They can't pay you enough to live on the mainland again.