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You'll get two types of warm fuzzies from a video game designer career. First, you know you'll spend long hours, days, and weeks getting a game just right. You'll probably rework the plot, the characters, and the action sequences until you can see them in your sleep. You'll see so much of your team members that they’ll start appearing in your dreams, too. However, it will be worth it when you release the finished product; you know, that high-resolution version with the characters who almost jump through the video screen. Hey, watch out!

If you thought getting the game done was exciting, you'll really go bonkers when gamers start camping out at retailers so they can be the first to get it. Online magazines and message boards will be burning up with anticipation. Customers will clean out the big box stores and game shops once the product hits the shelves. You'll get an adrenalin rush knowing you played a major part in the game's success. Then you'll get to work on the next one.