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Video Game Designer

Odds of Getting In

These two statistics should clue you in to video games' popularity: (1) Approximately 70 percent of American homes host some type of computer or video game; and (2) Consumers forked over more than $40 billion on video game programs in 2011. In short, video game demand is going through the roof.

Here's even better news: Tweens, teens, and 20-somethings aren't the only Americans glued to their video screens for hours on end. In fact, the average video game player is in his mid-30s and has played for at least a dozen years. Almost 30 percent of over-50 Americans play video games. What does this show? A pretty good-sized segment of the American population is hooked into some type of video game. All these gamers will need a continued stream of new video games to feed their addiction. That's where you, the video game designer, come in.

Of course, you'd like a video game designer job to materialize within easy commuting distance. In fact, you'd like several jobs so you can choose the gig with the best salary and bennies. However, you might be surprised to learn that almost 80 percent of United States video game generation happens in only six states. California, home of Silicon Valley tech firms and other software conglomerates, has grabbed over 40 percent of the pie. Business-friendly Texas is next with about 10 percent, followed closely by Washington state. New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois round out the list. Although you might find opportunities in other states, relocating to one of these top producers may increase your odds quite a bit.