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Well, it's called chicken noodle soup, so maybe bacon? (Source)

Yes, the glorious life of a food server. That's why so many people work this job—for the glory of it. Because nothing says glory like wiping half-eaten smoked salmon bits off your apron that the seven-year-old child just threw at you, while his parents make you explain every ingredient in today's soup-of-the-day.

Most of the glory that comes from this type of job really comes in the form of money—specifically, tips. A twenty percent tip, though considered standard (hear that, non-tippers?) is a fairly glorious thing. It means your customer enjoyed the experience enough to make sure you get your own fair share, and it means your work actually meant something to them.

Of course, if you get that hundred-dollar tip on a sandwich and side of fries? Now we're talking glory.

Your restaurant might have an employee of the month program, which could be as close as you'll ever get to that Oscar you used to dream about. Keep your acceptance speech short and snappy though—table four needs fresh bread.