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Carl Jung’s Clique: Spirits Without Borders (SWB)

From his many locations out in the CU (collective unconscious), the spirit of Carl Jung runs the organization Spirits Without Borders. This is a non-profit organization founded to haunt the ethics of art and human interaction. They've had a lot of successes over the years and, as Jung's earthly disciples join him, their numbers grow. Carl and his ghosts are always doing their best to gain groupies.

Joseph Campbell

Campbell was the bookworm who found Jung's archetypes in almost every mythology on the planet. His monumental work The Hero With a Thousand Faces is still one of the bibles of comparative mythology. Currently, Campbell heads up the research and development arm of SWB, examining how best to communicate the group's ideas from beyond the grave. He has launched an ingenious campaign into the head of George Lucas to ensure that the Star Wars saga continues to explore the invaluable nature of archetypes… and thereby avoid getting swallowed up by market capitalism. Unfortunately, that project has been a bit of a failure.

Hermann Hesse

Hermann submitted himself for analysis by Jung's student, Maria-Louise von Franz. The experience had a profound effect on his writing, but Hesse died without a readership in the United States. SWB to the rescue! Jung and his spirits infiltrated the hippie culture of the 1960s and Hesse's works, Siddhartha and Steppenwolf, got the juices of the American cultural revolution flowing. The SWB is, indeed, thrilled with this accomplishment.

Jackson Pollock

The SWB has been remarkably successful with visual artists, especially abstract expressionists like Pollock. This prompt was given to a sleeping Pollock back in 1936: Spill paint on a blank canvas led by the hands of the collective unconscious. Pollock had undergone Jungian psychotherapy, so his response was, "Yes, please! and keep the paint coming because it's gonna fly." Pollock shows up late for their spirit potlucks and fundraisers, but he pumps out the art for the raffles and the parade floats. And up in the spirit world, the parade actually floats.

Federico Fellini

Fellini relied on Jungian archetypes for his films. Fellini's ghost now runs the filmmakers outreach program to help today's artists remember that their stories can be powerful myths. So they better stop worrying so much about how their movies will appear in 3D, and focus on the darn character development. The SWB may pull Fellini from this project, as film may be a lost mythic cause.

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