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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


by Tennessee Williams

Brick Pollitt Timeline and Summary

  • Brick gets out of the shower.
  • Brick pays very little attention to Maggie.
  • Brick makes lots of drinks.
  • Brick drinks lots of Echo Spring.
  • Brick drops his crutch and asks Maggie to help hand it to him.
  • He hides in the bathroom when Big Mama comes into the room.
  • Brick puts on white silk pajamas.
  • Brick makes more drinks.
  • Brick wanders out to the gallery.
  • Brick tells Maggie to shut up about Skipper.
  • Brick tries to hit Maggie with his crutch.
  • Brick asks his niece to tell the rest of the family to come upstairs to the bedroom.
  • Brick goes out to the gallery.
  • At Big Daddy's request, Maggie brings Brick back into the bedroom.
  • Brick turns on some Wagner.
  • Brick drinks some more.
  • Brick loses his cool, and his crutch, as Big Daddy tries to get the truth from him.
  • Brick steps on his broken ankle.
  • Brick goes back out onto the gallery.
  • Brick sings to the moon.
  • Brick comes back into the bedroom during the climax of the "family conference."
  • Brick finds his click after taking three shots.
  • Brick goes back on to the gallery.
  • Brick returns to the bedroom to find his precious Echo Spring gone, gone, gone and the lights turned out.