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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


by Tennessee Williams

Maggie (the Cat) Timeline and Summary

  • After the no-neck monsters ruin her dress, Maggie comes back to the bedroom to change.
  • Maggie and Brick talk about their sex life.
  • Maggie gets dressed.
  • Maggie spars with Big Mama about her sex life with Brick.
  • Maggie asks Mae why her children have dogs' names.
  • Maggie forces Brick to discuss Skipper and to listen to her finish her story of the night she spent with Skipper.
  • Brick tries to hit Maggie several times.
  • Maggie tells Brick she is able to have babies.
  • Maggie asks Brick to give Big Daddy his present.
  • Maggie pretends to be excited when Big Daddy opens his present to find a cashmere sweater.
  • Maggie delivers Brick to Big Daddy for their father-son conversation.
  • Maggie helps deliver the news to Big Mama that Big Daddy is dying.
  • Maggie condemns the avarice and greed she sees around her.
  • Maggie informs everyone she is pregnant.
  • Maggie turns out the lights and removes the alcohol from the bedroom.
  • Maggie tells Brick she loves him.