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The Cat in the Hat
The Cat in the Hat
by Dr. Seuss

The Cat in the Hat The Home Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

Too wet to go out
And too cold to play ball.
So we sat in the house.
We did nothing at all. (9-12)

Next time you hear this classic complaint from your kids, just toss them a copy of The Cat in the Hat. Go ahead, toss it—the Cat would. Maybe, just maybe, it will give them some ideas on how to amuse themselves.

Quote #2

Then Sally and I
Did not know what to say.
Our mother was out of the house
For the day. (42-45)

Here's a chance to get serious with your kids for a minute. Making sure doors are locked is a good place to start. We don't want to be a drag, but the idea of somebody coming in uninvited could and should be a little scary. A real talk about how to deal with being alone might not be a bad idea.

Quote #3

"Now look what you did!"
Said the fish to the cat.
"Now look at this house!" (119-21)

The fish will do anything in his power to protect the house. And you know what? His constant protests are kind of comforting. As much as we adore fun, watching the house get destroyed is still a little uncomfortable. Plus, we like to see the fish standing up for what he believes in.

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